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Executive and Council Member Positions

The Executive and Council of the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies Inc. currently comprises the following positions. Nominations for these positions can only be accepted on the Nomination Form, which is available if you click here.

Nominations open on the third Monday in January and close on the third Monday in February.

The positions and associated duties for each member of the AIGS Council are as follows:-

Council  Members
   President Ensures the proper running of the AIGS according to the Rules of Association; chairs the monthly Council meetings and the Executive meetings, chairs General Meetings, including the Annual General Meeting of members of the AIGS; represents the AIGS on various external organisations; provides oversight for the Office Manager on administrative matters.

   Vice President

Supports the President as required; may chair Council or Executive meetings in the absence of the President; deputise for the President as required.

   Vice President

As above (2 positions).
   Treasurer Advises Council on financial matters; prepares a draft annual budget for submission to and approval by the Council; oversees maintenance of the financial records of the AIGS through the Office Manager and provides monthly management reports to Council; chairs the Audit & Finance Committee which oversees the management of the financial and business dealings of the AIGS; oversees the annual audit and presentation of the Annual Financial Report; reports to the Secretary on matters of high business importance.

   Assistant Secretary

Responsible for the agenda, minutes and other records of Council, Executive, General meetings and the Annual General Meeting; is responsible for the preparation and circulation of notices of these meetings; collects correspondence and reports from councillors and co-ordinators and distributes for Council meetings; maintains filing of all secretarial matters relating to the business of the AIGS; refers matters of high importance to the Secretary where appropriate.
Ordinary Councillors Portfolios for the Ordinary Councillors will be discussed and allocated at the first Council meeting after the Annual General Meeting, which is held in April.

Assigned portfolios have included the following:

      Assistant Secretary (Membership)
      Education Co-ordinator
      Groups Co-ordinator
      Network Administrator
      Property Maintenance Co-ordinator
      Promotions Co-ordinator
      Projects Co-ordinator
      Records Manager
      Research Co-ordinator
      Volunteers Co-ordinator


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