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Sources  List   1-150
AITCHISON, Ray - The Americans in Australia (AE Press, Melbourne, 1986)
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8 BOWDEN, Keith MacCrae - Goldrush Doctors at Ballarat (the author, Mulgrave, 1977)
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10 COFFIN, Robert - The Last of the Logan; The True Adventures of Robert Coffin, Mariner in the Years 1854 to 1859 Wherein Are Set Forth his Pursuit of the Whale, his Shipwreck on Rapid Reef, his Life Among the Cannibals of Fiji, and his Search for Gold in Australia as Told by Himself and Now First Published (ed Howard W Thompson, Cornell University Press, New York, 1941)
11 CROMPTON, Barry J - Australia and the American Civil War (American Civil War Round Table of Australia Inc, Melbourne, September 1989)
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18 GILBERT, Lionel - A Grave Look at History (John Ferguson, Sydney, 1980) page 52 has a photography of the headstone of Bernard Otto Holtermann, 'the Hill End goldminer and an earnest patron of photography - St Thomas's Cemetery, North Sydney (1975)'Bernard Holterman, born at Hamburg, 29 Apr 1838; died 29 Apr 1885, aged 47 years''Burlington OW Holterman, born at Burlington, USAdied 27 June 1897, aged 20 years';Pages 60 & 61 shos a 'ledger stone with a carved vessel commemorating Ellen Wilson and Martha Hudson, who were accidentally burnt to death on the barque Oregon on her passage from San Francisco to Sydney 29 Oct 1861 (Camperdown Cemetery1978 photo)'So far I've checked pages 1-60 of this book for American references and added them to this index
19 GRAHAM, Elsie C - Births, Deaths & Marriages from The Argus Newspaper, Melbourne, 1846-1853 (the author, Reservoir, 4 vols, 1983 & 1984)
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58 VINE HALL, Nick - Tracing Your Family History in Australia (Rigby Limited, Adelaide, 1985)
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62 (NO AUTHOR) - The Age (Melbourne, newspaper, 1854-1860)
63 (NO AUTHOR) - The Argus (Melbourne, newspaper, 1852-1860)
64 (NO AUTHOR) Brighton General Cemetery, 1855-1988 (Brighton Cemetery Trust, Brighton, 100 microfiche, 1988)
65 (NO AUTHOR) Celebration of the Eighty-First Anniversary of the Independence of the United States, by the American Citizens Resident in Melbourne, Australia (Melbourne, 1857)
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75 (NO AUTHOR) - The World Book Encyclopaedia (World Book-Childcraft International, Inc, Chicago, Vol 8, page 243, 1981)
76 (NO AUTHOR) - Victoria Electoral Roll, 1856-1857 (State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, 39 microfiche, c 1988, ref LTGMF37)
77 (NO AUTHOR) Victoria Police Gazette, 1851-1900 (copies held State Library of Victoria and the Victoria Police Historical Unit Two books are available, which index British army deserters, including Americans, listed in this government publication The books, compiled and published in 1988 by Mrs Yvonne Fitzmaurice, are Army Deserters from HM Service, Volume 1, 1853-1858 and Army Deserters from HM Service (In Australia & New Zealand), Volume 2, 1859-1870 & Miscellaneous Entries 1853-1870) In April 1990, copies (2 volumes) were available for $A23 posted from the author, Victorian Address
78 Anti-Gold-Licence Association Petition, Colony of Victoria, June/July 1853 (Latrobe Library, Melbourne - MS ref 12440)
79 Applications and Recommendations For Office (National Archives, Washington, DC, ref RG 59)
80 Ararat Advertiser Index, 1857-1863 (La Trobe Library, Melbourne, 1982)
81 Ballarat Star Index, 1854-1855 (La Trobe Library, Melbourne)
82 Ballarat Times Index, 1854-1855 (La Trobe Library, Melbourne)
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92 Foreign Immigration to the Gold Fields, New South Wales and Victoria, 1851-1861 (MA Thesis, University of Sydney, Camperdown, 1946)
93 Letter, Mrs Pauline J Myers, Victorian Address, 1 Nov 1990
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95 Index to the Argus, 1854-1859 (typescript, compiled by John A Feely; held Newspaper Room, State Library of Victoria)
96 Interstate Inward Shipping Passengers Lists, 1852-1924 (Public Record Office of Victoria, Laverton, 197 boxes, ref VPRS 944)
97 Inward Overseas Passenger Lists, 1852-1923 (Public Record Office of Victoria, Laverton, 255 folders, ref VPRS 947)
98 Inward Registered Correspondence - Chief Commissioner of Police, 1852-1893 (Public Record Office of Victoria, Laverton; 515 boxes, ref VPRS 937)
99 Inwards Shipping Lists, 1850-1860 (Archives Office of New South Wales, Sydney, COD 99-106 (4/5241-5244)
100 Maury Logs (National Archives, Washington, DC, ref RG 27; these are a collection of ships' logs kept in the 1850s by Capt Matthew Fontaine Maury (and others), who visited Australia on the 'Magnolia' and 'Ocean Stead'
101 Microfilm Copy of Passenger Lists of Immigrants from Foreign (Non-British) Ports, 1852-1923 (Public Record Office of Victoria, Melbourne, 95 rolls, ref VPRS 3505)
102 Naturalization Certificates, Victoria, 1847-1903 (Australian Archives, Canberra, 3 MS volumes, ref CRS A725-727, microfilm)
103 Naturalization Index, Victoria, 1847-1903 (Australian Archives, Canberra, ref CRS A3977 & CRS A728, microfilm)
104 Office Correspondence: Melbourne (National Archives, Washington, DC, ref RG 84)
105 Outward Passenger Lists, 1852-1923 (Public Record Office of Victoria, Laverton, 232 folders, ref VPRS 948; 121 rolls microfilm ref VPRS 3506)
106 Passengers from America, 1852-1855, Index (Public Record Office of Victoria, Melbourne, c 8000 index cards, compiled by Mrs Marjorie Morgan, c 1970 from shipping lists at the Victorian Public Record Office) As at 8 Jul 93 N had made a transcript for surnames AARON-CREGO
107 Registers of Discharged Seamen and Deserters and Index, 1852-1925 (Public Record Office of Victoria, Laverton, 9 volumes, MS ref VPRS 946; 2 rolls microfilm ref VPRS 2144)
108 St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria - Transcription of Headstones, 1855-1987, typescript, compiled by Tony Miller, Melbourne, 4 vols, 1987; c 8000 inscriptions; indexed; copy held Genealogical Society of Victoria, Melbourne, Apr 1990 A CDROM version of these transcripts has since been published by the GSV,
109 Letter, Mrs Mavis Andrews, Queensland Address; 3 Apr 1990
110 Oral, Mrs Fay Johnson, Professional Genealogist, 9 Murrumbeena Crescent, Murrumbeena, Vic 3163; ref Ovens and Murray Advertiser (newspaper), 2 Nov 1865, p 3 and 7 Nov 1865, p 2 Copies of this newspaper held at the Burke Museum, Lock Street, Beechworth, Victoria, 4 May 1990
111 Newell Letter Books, 1853-1854 (Mitchell Library, Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000)
112 Letter Books of JB Dickinson, 1850-1854 (Special Collections, Butler Library, Columbia University, New York City, USA)
113 Speech, AH Parvo, 'The American Presence in Australian Mining', New York, 1 May 1986; copy held Western Mining Corporation, Melbourne Library; ref N62/02019/0086
114 Letter, Ms Sandra Cowan, Victorian Address; 20 Jul 1990
115, Oral, Ron Weste, Victorian Address, long-time resident of Ballarat; Mar 1990
116 Photograph, Mrs Kerrie Jollie, , Victorian Address; 22 Feb 1990
117 Letter, Mrs Joan Bell, New South Wales Address; 28 Mar 1990
118 Letter, Mrs BJ Hodgetts New South Wales Address; 10 Apr 1990
119 Letter, Edward Little, Victorian Address; 7 Apr 1990
120 Letter, Ms Helen M Cameron, Australian Capital Territory Address; 11 Mar 1990
121 Letter, Mrs Heather Ronald, Victorian Address; 14 Mar 1990
122 Letter, Mr CG Harvey, Australian Capital Territory Address 13 Mar 1990
123 Letter, Ms Jan Montgomery, Victorian Address; 19 Mar 1990 On 26 Jul 1995, Mrs G wrote from a new address, 3 Iluka Ave, Moama, NSW, 2731, to advise of another living relative of this person, who was living in Scotland
124 Letter, Mrs Ann Gresswell, Victorian Address; 21 Mar 1990
125 Letter, Mrs Milly Marsh, Victorian Address; 21 Mar 1990
126 Letter, Mr Dom Meadley, Victorian Address; Feb 1990
127 Notes, Mrs Traci Goering, New South Wales Address; 1 May 1990
128 Letter, Mrs Sandra Smith, New South Wales Address; 17 May 1990
129 Oral, Mr Don Grant, Victorian Address; Mar 1990
130 Oral, Ms Jo Ferguson, Victorian Address; 9 Mar 1990
131 Letter, Mrs Joan Rutherford, New South Wales Address; 8 Oct 1990
132 Letter, Mr Brad Lapsley, Texas USA Address;1701; 20 Jul 1990
133 Notes, JM Cameron, Research Section, St Arnaud & District Historical Society, Box 75, St Arnaud, 3478; c 1990, plus newspaper article from the Mercury, 23 Oct 1895N has copies - see Americans file
134 Letter, Pauline J Myers, professional genealogist, Victorian Address; 4 Oct 1990
135 Letter, Mrs EM Harper, New South Wales Address; 25 Jun 1991
136 The Border Mail, newspaper, Albury, NSW, 22 Jun 1991
137 Letter, Mrs Judith Williams, New South Wales Address; Sep 1990client file 49, states Francis Edward ST GEORGE was born in New York, son of Thomas St George and Julia Hyers His father was an 'agent in Hidson Bay Co' FES was married at Rockhampton, Qld to Elizabeth Phillips, when he was 23, on 11 Sep 1861 He appears to have had a son Paul St George, stepname Simms, who reverted to his St George surname as an adult This Paul was the grandfather of Judith Williams
138 Letter, 24 Jul 91, Mr Alan K Reynolds, Australian Capital Territory Address; a descendant, who says Charles Reynolds was born in the USA about 1810 and m at Parramatta in 1843
139 page 8 of BARNES, Audrey, BAYLISS, Jeanne & GOARD, Paul - Our Ancestors, Volume One (The 1788-1820 Pioneer Association, Croydon, 1991)yellow cover62 pagesindexedthis is a series of articles about members ancestors, mostly without sources citesbut some interesting family Letters etc are re-produced
140 Letter, Alec Cameron, New South Wales Address; 12 June 1991
141 About May 91 somebody in Melb, possibly Evelyn Brown told me that had a US ancestor named John Cummins *1814-1900), born in Vermont, her gt gt gt grandfather came to Australian gold rush c 1850-1856, came after the California Gold Rush
142 In May 91 at the Tassie Genie Congress, one of the exhibitors, Helen Harris had a Victorian Goal record on display, which mention MARY DUNCAN 'An American - has two children'convicted at Melbourne, 5 June 1855 for stealing a tent fly'She was one of 16 names on a page from 'Return of Prisoners in the Female Gaol, Melbourne recommended by the sheriff to be discharged before the expiry of their respective sentences by giving them the advantage of obtaining Credit in the shape of remission of their sentences as a Reward for good conduct to relieve the Gaol from excessive overcrowding - Gaol No 572'
143 Dr Alice Eicholtz, USA, Oral 29 May 91Is tracing George Crichton MILN and his wife Louise Jordan MILN, who were in Australia for about two years from 1888-1980 He was Director of the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Adelaide and had two children born in Australia
144 On 2 Nov 91 a Vic genealogist came up to me and told me about his ancestor Henry Mack (1832-1921) born in New York, who came to Aust for the gold rush The speakers name was Ron Mack and he was member of DOC group
145 Researching 19th Century Police and Criminal Records in Victoria, Australia (Harriland Press, PO Box 92, Forest Hill, 3131; pub 1990)page 47
146 HARRIS, Helen Doxford & PRESLAND, Gary - Cops and Robbers - A Guide to Researching 19th Century Police and Criminal Records in Victoria, Australia (Harriland Press, PO Box 92, Forest Hill, 3131; pub 1990)page 112
147 HARRIS, Helen Doxford & PRESLAND, Gary - Cops and Robbers - A Guide to Researching 19th Century Police and Criminal Records in Victoria, Australia (Harriland Press, PO Box 92, Forest Hill, 3131; pub 1990)page 113
148 n Feb 92 I there was a both at AIGS Bendigo which had some unpublished Cem Transcripts of Bendigo Cemetery One entry I noticed read: 'ANDERSON, RB, died 9 Mar 1918, aged 67, JP for Vic, NSW & USA'
149 - Letter Traci GOERING, Burri heights, NSW 2537; 29 Apr 92
150 page 4 - UHL, Jean - Sailing Ships, Shipwrecks & Crime in the 19th Century - A Handbook for Historians, Genealogists, Shiplovers and Criminologists, based on Supreme Court Records, Criminal Sessions, 1840s-1860s (Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies, Oakleigh, 1985)

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