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151 Letter, 22 May 1992, Mrs Margaret Morse, Victorian Address ; [see client file no 108]
152 'Recent Accessions,' article in Descent, March 1992, page 50
153 Oral history from a man at the PROV 2 Jul 92 who said he was descended from an American named Victor BIRDSALL, alias BIRD, who arrived in Aust in 1853He said the descendants are now called BIRD, and his brother was doing a lot of research in the family He did not give me his name, but he must have signed in the IN book and put his address in for the day He said my grandfather is buried in the first grave inside the gates at St Kilda? Cemetery, Melbourne
154 Oral history from Mrs Marlie GRADY, Victorian Address; I met her at the PROV on 2 Jul 92 She says her husband's family descends from this line A family group of GRIFFITH - Abram (40), Rebecca (33), Arthurmeecy (15), John (9), Jonah (7) arrived on the Nimrod in Vic from the Us in March 1855 These names are in the Passengers From America Card Index, 1852-1855, at the PROV, but apparently Arthur Meecy GRIFFITH (a lady) is shown on the card as GRIFFITH, AM (Mr), which Mrs G says is incorrect, as she has seen her marriage certificate The family settled in Mornington, Vic, and came originally from Pennsylvania
154a GILLEN, Mollie - The Founders of Australia - A Biographical Dictionary of the First Fleet (Library of Australian History, North Sydney, 1988) page 423
155 Oral, Mrs IINGOLDS (?)of Geelong?, Victoria, client of Patricia Barth, told me on 11 Aug 92 that she knows a lady in her 80s, whose grandfather, a Mr Irby, came to Aust from America The lady is Mrs Amy Sommerville (nee Irby) of Hawthorn in Melb She has two daughters who are married, and a couple of brothers now deceased
156 LETTER, 12 Aug 92, CG HARVEY, Australian Capital Territory Address;He says: My wife's grandfather James Henery FERGUSON was born in New York and cane to Victoria about 1885, aged about 7, we assume with his American parents James and ann Ferguson, nee Moorhead
157 LETTERS, 7 May 1992 & 28 Oct 92, from Mrs Mary HARGREAVES, New South Wales Address ;In the former, she writes: 'I have been searching for the arrival of William Marion Sanders born circa 1826 Giles County, Tennessee, America He was married in NSW in 1855 From his naturalization papers the deatils of his arrival are as follows - Ship 'Agnes & Emma' 1853, age 36 yrs I have searched for this ship in the NSw Shipping records with no luck there is a possibility that it landed in Victoria as William had just left the California goldfields and there is a supposition that he was at the Bendigo goldfields sometime William returned to America in 1873 with a wife and four children' In the second Letter, she sends a little more info
158 ORAL - Phone call, 9 Sep 91 from a lady called Susan on Radio 2CN, Canberra, who said her ancestor William Marcus WOODS, went to the Hill End gold fields in NSW in the 1850s and said on one of his marriage certificate he was born 'NY' He evidently married Ellem MACLEAN? in Aust and she will send me the marriage cert They have found a death index record in NSW for a WM WOODS in 1905, aged 68, but have not yet ordered the ceert
159 LETTER, Mrs A GAMBLE, Queensland Address; 7 Sep 92, which states: 'Would you please let me know if you have any information on James NEWMAN? Details from his death certificate are: Died Rose, Hill, Qld, 8 Aug 1915, aged 79 yrs; Father: Robert Newman; Buried 10 Aug 1915 at Bollon Cem, Qld; Birthplace: Spring Vale, America; Married NSW to Matilda Pike; Children living Sarah 49, Emma 45, Matilda 43, William 40, George 34, Louisa 32; Deceased 5He must have come to Australia prior to 1865 A Letter written by his wife's sister indicates he married at Forbes, NSW'
160 The Mail - NewsLetter of the Descendants of Convicts Group, No 58, Dec 1992, pages 14 & 15, article 'Notorious Convict' all about William GATES, an American convict sent to VDLThe article also refers to his fellow Americans in Tasmania Robert MARSH, Aaron DRESSER, Stephen WRIGHT, Benjamin WAIT, Daniel D HEUSTIS, Caleb LYON, Linus W MILLER and Samuel SNOW
161 Letter, 23 Apr 92, Noreen Wright, Victorian Address; to the authorsee Americans in Australia file
162 RITCHIE, John - Australian Dictionary of Biography Index, 1788-1939 (Melbourne University Press, Carlton, 1991)page 164 lists 58 persons born in the USA
163 JACKMAN, Betty May - Bendigo Advertiser Personal Notices, 1854-1880 (the author, Victorian Address; 1992)As at 18 Nov 93 I only seem to have included a few random examples from this book, namely WOODWORTH, MC EACHERN, PETERS, LEE, MITCHELL, MC CARTHY, LAWTON, RICHARDSON, HERSCHELL, O'NEIL)
164 Letter, 10 Jan 1993, Mr Murray Wilson, Queensland Address; - see Americans in Australia file
165 BARRIE, Sandy - Australians Behind the Camera - Early Australian Photographers plus Australian Camera Clubs (the author, PO Box A488, Sydney South, NSW 2000; 2 vols, 19 September 1992)page 73 of vol 1 lists Thomas Skelton Glaister operating as a photographer in Melbourne in 1854, Sydney 1855-1865, Qld 1876-1877
166 O'KEEFE, Florence - The Hum of the Heap', article in Pageant magazine (Pageant Publishing, Richmond, Feb/Mar 1993, pages 7 & 8article says CLAPP was born at Holden, Massachessetts, on 27 June 1833, and came to Melb gold rushes at the age of 20He soon became part owner of a stage coach line He was involved in setting up cable trams in Melb, which ran from 1884 to 1940
167 PEAK, Merle W, USA Address ; Letter, 25 Jan 93 - On 10 Feb 93, copy sent to Andrew Peake for reply
168 SCHIFFMANN, Paul, MCCOWEN, Fay & Debbie, HALLIDAY, Ken - Bolivia - A Century and a Half (Examiner Printing Office, 124 Bourke Street, Glen Innes, NSW, 2370; published 1988) - page 5 states: 'A South American, Edward F Hurry acquired the first pastOral licence for Bolivia Station in 1840, but his stay was shortened when his sheep contracted catarrah from the adjoining Tenterfield station Hurry sold his interest to who held the property until Edward Irby was granted a lincence for the Bolivia Run in 1843'
169 WYNN, Graeme - 'Life on the Goldfields - Fifteen Letters, 1853-1861, article in RAHS Jnl, March 1979these Letter were written by a Canadian, from New Brunswick, named James William ROBERTSONN has copy in 'American in Australia' file
170 TURBY, Mrs Gloria, Western Australian Address; Letter 31 Mar 93 - her grandmother was Frances MURPHY, born c 1889 San Francisco, USA, last known to have been living in Rockhampton, Qld c 1909-1911Letter in Americas in Aust file
171 The Weekend Australian, newspaper, page 3, 17 Apr 1993 mentions Ms Carol GRACE, formerly married into Sydney's oldest retail dynasty will be forced out of her home of 20 yearsat Hunters Hill, which she bought with former Grace Bros boss, Mr Michael GRACE in the early 70sMs Grace, who arrived in Sydney from the US in 1967three childrenthe youngest is now 18'According to Who's Who in Australia, 1983 Micjhael Edward GRACE, born 20 Feb 1943, was married 19 June 1967 to Carole, d CH PROPER, and has 3 sons
172 PALMER Mrs June, Victorian Address, telephone call, 19 Apr 1993 - 'One of my husbands ancestors was an American, Susan STILLWELL (1761-1832), who came to Aust in 1800 She married John PALMER in NY c 1783 She was the daughter of Dr Daniel STILLWELL and Adriana WALTON Her father was an American loyalist, and the niece of a NY surgeon She died in Australia (11 Nov 1832) and was buried at St Johns, Paramatta'
173 WEBSTER, Miss Judy, Queensland Address; Letter, 8 Feb 1993; This Letter says: 'Sarah Maria TUCKER, b 1873, Brooklyn, New York, USA, mar 1894, Brisbane, Aust to Robert Hall ODLING etc'
174 CROYDON (QLD) HOSPITAL ADMISSION REGISTERS, 1888-1919; indexed by Miss Judy Webster, Queensland Address ; Letter, 8 Feb 1993; This lists 24 patients born in America, and their names have been added to this index under the [174] code
175 WHITE, Miss Jenny, of Melbourne, Victoria -; 8 May 93; Oral history about her gt grandfather, Kenneth GUNN, who was at the California goldfields, and came to Victoria, where he died He lived at Carlton She has his original marriage certificate, which states he was married 'at Melbourne, district of Bourke, according to the Rites of the Presbyterian Forum, on 19 may 1854, by M Mackayoccupation plasterer, age 28 yrs, wife Margaret MATHIESON, age 25birthplace of both parties Dornock, Scotland' Oral history has it that the couple met on the ship on their voyage out to Australia
176 COBCROFT, Mervyn D - 'Captain Eber Bunker', article in The Rowland Quarterly, Woonsocket, RI, USA, Feb/Apr 1976)says Eber was a ship's master on the Third Fleet, which arrived in Sydney in 1791
177 Parade Magazine, Sep 1975, page 40 - Letter from a reader which says in part: I have many memories of Cairns when it was overflowing with GIs I was housemaid for the American Red Cross One day, early in 1944, there was a great flutter amongst officials - a VIP was on the way - Eleanor Roosevelt'
178 CORRADO, Fran, USA Address ; 8 Nov 93; see client file 145
179 BORAM, Jennifer, New South Wales Address, 2444; Letter 12 Nov 93: 'My GG grandfather Henry Brown came to Aust from New York as a boy ona missionary ship Henry was born in 1829, so I assume he came out in the 1840s'
180 On 14 Jul 93 Mrs Marjorie Morgan, Victorian Address, told me she had just published (in 1992) a biography of Canadian in Australia It's title was John Blogg, 1851-1936, Woodcarver She said he had 11 children and has living issue today
181 GEEVES, Philip - The Dawn of Australia's Radio Broadcasting (pub 1993) Page 63 referes to Mrs Albert DEANE, American wife of an Australian film executivepage 25refers to 'visiting Americans Mr Clay SMITH and Miss Lee WHITE
182 MORTERS, Margaret, New South Wales Address; Letter 8 Aug 93, seeking information about her husband's gt gt grandfather, Edwin Reuben CARPENTER, born 20 may 1827, Jay, NY, USA, and living in Melb by 1854
183 BROWN, Mrs Margaret, Tasmanian Address; Letter and documents, 17 Sep 93
184 GIBBNEY, HJ & SMITH, Ann G - A Biographical Register, 1788-1839: Notes from the Name Index of the Australian Dictionary of Biography (Australian Dictionary of Biography, Canberra, ACT, 2 vols, 1987) vols8100 entries being a selection of the card index biog register at the ANU in Canberra A casual browse through one vol located the following pesons, born in the US or CanadaKAUFMAN, Charles (p384), KOLLING, Charles (p402), BENRODT, James Charles (p52), CRAWFORD, Hiram Alan (150), HARLAND, Julia Susannah (p304), HILTON, Charles Rhoads (p332), HUYGHUE, Samuel Douglas Smith (p356)
185 COLE, Mary-Jane Hooker, for e-mail address please ; Letter, 22 Feb 1993, plus two certificates
186 MERCURIO, Gus - member of the Professional Boxing Control Board, Radio 3AW 4 Nov 93 interview with Neil Mitchell, father of Paul MERCURIO star of the movie Dirty DancingI am SURE I have read somewhere that GM was born in the USHe speaks with a US accent
187 The Victorian Pioneers Index, 1834-1888 (Apr 1992), on CDROM has about 100 entries in the deaths section showing 'America' as birth place, and QUITE a few more showing birth place as a region of America, such as 'Boston' As at 4 Nov 93 I had not researched this source nor included any of these entries in the index
188 LOCKWOOD, James W, New South Wales Address; Letter 21 Jul 1993, advising that his gt grandfather, Capt Wales R Watson, a 'US national, residing in Sydney from the 1860s'
189 OralNick Vine Hall (dec), About 1990, I read some where that Fosters Beer was started in Aust by two American brothers named FOSTER, who sold out and went back to the US about 1885, not in ADB index under 'Brewers'not in CHISHOLM index or Macquarie Dictionary (1990) not in The Dinkum Dictionary (1988)or Australian Words and Their Origins (1989)
190 SHELDON, Pamela, New South Wales Address; Letter, 27 Oct 1992 My husband's ancestors from America, Francis CAMPBELL, born America c1819, married Binda, NSW 1865 (more detials in Letter); Dumont SMITH, born c 1832, married Frances GOODBURN 1858 at Indigo, Vic (more details in Letter)
191 ORAL - Father Michael KELLY, New South Wales Address; He told me on14 Jan 94 that his maternal gradfather George HILL, born about 1866 in New Yor, died in Sydney He will send me a copy of the death certificate, and marraige certificate
192 in 1991, some informaion on Hartley WILKIN/WILKINS, an America who came to WA about 1874, was sent to me by his great niece, Mrs Jeanette Harris, USA Address
193 Letter from George BROADFOOT, 4 Aug 1879, written from NZcopy in my Americans in Aust File
194 Birth Certificate, Victoria, 8 May 1878, for John Robert BAKER, son of John BAKER, seaman, born New York, USAa copy was given to me by a descendant Gary BRYANT of Frankston, Vic on 7 Apr 94
195 HARTLEY, Lesley Hartley, Tasmanian Address; Letter, 27 Apr 1994 Her ancestor was James RAINEY, born Nova Scotia 7 Jun 1845, who was in Hobart, tas by 1872
196 HALL, Thomas W Hall, USA Address; Letter, 26 Jul 1992 a gt grandson of David HALL, born in NY 1817, and came to Aust in 1853
197 Notice in RotaGene Magazine 22, Fed/Mar 94 from Roy W Parker, New South Wales Address ; says Jerimiah MITCHELL was born in USA 1838 and died Melbourne, Vic 1869
198 Letter from David Miller, New Zealand Address; June 1994, about his ancestor John Paul MILLER, born Sweden 1828, went to California Gold Rusg 1849, the to Vic approx 1853, then Nelson, NZ 1857
199 Letter from Mrs E Dunn, New South Wales Address; 31 jul 94, relative of Thomas McGrath 'married Jan 1855 to Emma NOTT, St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, place of birth given as Massachussetts, USA, aged 26 He fathered five children and has present day descendants'
200 Phone Call to author from Ann (Mrs NJ Thompson), Queensland Address; 2 Aug 94, saying she was a grand-daughter of an American named James HENNESSEY, who came out to Australia when youg, a Civil war veteran He had about 12 children, and Ann was the daughter of the youngest who did not have children until his 50s She said her grandfather was born in New York or Boston, and bought a sugar cane farm in Mackay, Queensland, she would post me more information
201 Letter from Mrs Glenda Webb, Queensland Address; 28 Jul 94, enclosing information about her ancestor Isaac Ashfield CAIN, born Alabama, USA, who arrived in Aust about 1852
202 Letter from Mr Joe Rennie, New South Wales Address; 13 Sep 94 advising of his 'grandfather, George William RENNIE, born in San Francisco 1864, arrived in NSW approx 1883 from California'
203 LANE, Richard - The Golden Age of Australian Radio Drama, 1923-1960 (Melbourne University Press, Carlton, 1994)I understand this book gives biographical information about Grace GIBSON, Texas born radio producer, who worked on Australian radio in the 1950s
204 JOHNSON, Lynda M, USA Address ; Letter 29 Sep 94 'My grandparents were James and margaret MC ADAMS) NIBLO They were born in Scotland and emigrated first to Ireland in the 1830s and then to Brooklyn, NY about 1852 with their 9 children, some born in Scotland and some in Ireland One of their sons William NIBLO emigrated to Australia between 1852 and 1890'
205 THOMAS, L, ADAMS, J & ADAMS, W - Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery - Biographies, Volume 1 (The Friends of Gore Hill Cemetery, Lindfield, 1994), page 312 has biog of George Washington BELL, born Richmond, Virginia, USA, who died at North Sydney, NSW in 1907; page 9 lists Dr Augustus Julius SYME, born 1852, native of New Jersey, USA, and his wife Julia Anna, also and American Dr SYME was a dentist in Sydney
206 DAVIS, Dennis - About 1990, he advised that his father was an American serviceman in WW2 In Oct 94 his address was Box 110, Prahran, 3181
207 GRADY, Don - Guards of the Sea (Whitcoulls Publishers, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1978) - Page 149 of this book says that Walter ANDREWS (1834-1902), born in Scotland and died in New Zealand, 'first went to America where he and his brother William were in business together He joined the 1st New York Rifle Brigade and fought in the American Civil War On 6 Nov 1864 he set out for NZ' etc
208 BROWN, Sam - Victorian Address ; Oral history; On 17 Mar 1995, he advised that he owned the sword of American General Joshua T TERRENCE, who fought in the Us Civil War This sword had been passed onto him by Darrell Melville KELL of Middle Park, Victoria, who was married to Sam's first cousin, Thelma BROWN He beleived that Melville was a direct descendant of the General
209 ABC RADIO, Melbourne, 23 April 1995, interview about a female band group in Australia in August 1939, called 'The Holywood Redheads' The band leader, Babe EGAN and lead singer Thelma WHITE, were Americans who came out to Australia briefly to recruit Aussie band members
210 BROWN, Mrs EU, Victorian Address; Oral advice on 5 May 1995: 'My ancestor Franklin COLLINS was born in Ernestown, Kingston, Ontarion, Canada in 1830 or 1832 and died at the Metropolitan Hotel, Ballarat, Victoria on 8 April 1872 It was his hotel He arrived in Australia on 4 Aug 1854 from New York on the ship 'Nightingale' His father was Christopher Fowler COLLINS, who was born in New York state'
211 CROKER, Mrs Val, Western Australia Address; Oral advice May 1995: 'My grandmother, Martha Ann WAKERLEY was born at Fort Wayne, Indian, USA'
212 COE, Mrs Beverley, Victorian Address; Oral history 7 May 95, when she advised: 'My great aunt was Susan Lavinia GLENN, who married a Canadian, who died in Australia His name was Benjamin Walwyn MARTIN, who was born in Quebec and died at St Kilda, Victoria in 1893 His tombstone is at St Kilda Cemetery He arrived in Victoria on the ship `Glance' in 1853 to come to the Gold Rush The ships official papers on microfiche show that he brought with him '2 trunks,a bag of apparel and a tent' They were married in Victoria in 1858 and had a number of children They had descendants living in 1903
213 GRADY, Don - Guards of the Sea (Whitcoulls Publishers, Christchurch, NZ, 1978)…
214 (NO AUTHOR) Index to Registers of Certificates of Naturalization and Lists of Aliens to Whom Certificates of Naturalization Have Been Issued, 1834-1903 (Archives Office of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, 11 microfiche, c1985)*
215 GAMBLE, Mrs Aveline, Queensland Address; Letter 22 May 95: 'I am looking for Samuel BRIDDON, born c1815, master cordwainer, known to have come to Australia from Yorkshire after the 1851 census He wrote twice to his wife asking for her and the chilkdren to join him I have not been able to discover any record of his arrival The wife and children went into the workhouse It is known that his cousin, Harrison BRIDDON, born Manchester c1828, came to Victoria via the Californian goldfields and married in Beechworth in 1856 I am wondering of they travelled together'
216 WILLIAMS, Mrs Lyn, Victorian Address; Letter 17 May 1995 about her relative John Jay GREEN, born in Virginia, USA, who came to the Vic Gold Rush
217 Victorian Pioneers Index, 1837-1888 (CDROM version) - a check of birthplaces for persons named John BROWN in the deaths index revealed the following persons with US birthplaces (1) John Brinkley, died 1858, aged 79, ref 8417; (2) John, died 1857, aged 33, ref 2754; (3) John, died 1862, aged 30, ref 9180; (4) John, born NY, died 1865, aged 40, ref 5077R; (5) John, died 1861, aged 21, ref 6632
218 Oral History; Mrs Jean BOWER, English Address; 1 April 1995: 'All of the ALDERSLEY people in the world are related to me One was John ALDERSLEY, born in England about 1841 He came to Australia from the US and died aged 23 in Newcastle, NSW His death certificate says `gold digger, born California''
219 THOMSON, Mrs MM, Queensland Address; Letter 21 Jun 95 about her relative Alfred Patrick RYAN, who was married in Australia in 1885, stating his birthplace as San Francisco, USA
220 WEBSTER, Ms Judy, Queensland Address; Letter, 1 Jun 1994; has indexed the Muttaburra hospial (Qld) Admission Registers, 1887 & 1892-1894, 1921-1928 During this work, she noticed the following 'Americans': DAVIS, Joseph; HECKENBERY, Augustus; JENNINGS, Richard Charles; JOYCE, Bartholomew; KIERNAN (?), Edward; KING, George; MULLEN, James Francis; WHITE, James; WILSON, John Beach
221 ROMONOV-HUGHES, Alexander - On 25 Aug 95 this Melbourne genealogist rang to say he met a man recently who is descended from John FERN, alias FRANCIS, who fought in the US Civil Wara Louisiana Regiment of the Confederate ArmyApparantly he went to America from Australia and died there in the 1860s His wife and children returned to Australia and have descendants living today One of these is Alan DAVEY of Melbourne tel: 93981725
222 Letter: Mrs Margaret MORTERS, New South Wales Address; Letter, 18 Apr 1995; “A cousin of my husband’s American gt gt grandfather came to Australia on the ship `Sarah Hooper’ in 1853 He was Andrew Jackson BARNEY, born Clayton, NY son of Lynn & Lydia BARNEY, nee CASE He married soon after he arrived a lady named Christina WHYTE - 10 Nov 1853, Ballarat They had 8 children I have names I was advised there was a BARNEY descendant living in Queensland - Carol RANSON, Queensland Address;living about five years ago”
223 BARRY, Mrs Eleanor, Queensland Address; Letter, 28 Aug 1995: 'My husband's grandfather Michael Joseph BARRY, born in Newport, New York, USA, 29 September 1857; married in Queensland 1894; died Queensland 1917; He arrived in Australia with his mother Ellen BARRY (nee MURPHY) and family on the 'Light of the Age' in 1864 He is said to have been a ship's captain and a gentleman'
224 Letter: Ms Julie BAILEY, Queensland Address; 26 Sep 1995: 'I have come across two Americans in my family tree, namely George HEWITT (c1881-c1916), also known as George Charles William Percy HEWITT, (supposedly) born San Francisco and James MC NEILLY/MC NELLEE, a black American living at Nowra, NSW 1889' etc On 13 Mar 1996, Mrs BAILEY wrote again with a copy of the death certificate (NSW) for George Charles William HERSEY, d 19 Oct 1917 in Sydney, which states he was “gold miner, born Coonabarabran, NSW, son of George HEWITT, gold miner, and Elizabeth BULLOCK” She also says in her Letter George HEWITT - On his marriage certificate he claims to have been born in San Francisco, and gives the same parents as on his death certificate The NSW Pioneers Index, 1788-1888 records a birth of George Charles HEWITT in 1880 at Coonabarabran to parents George & Elizabeth - ref 12815 On 16 Dec 96, Mrs BAILEY wrote again and sent a transcript of the birth cert for George Chrles HEWITT, born Coonabarrabran, son of George HEWITT and Elizabeth BILLOCK/BULLOCK, father’s age 22, occup labourer Perhaps the FATHER was American?
225 Letter: Mrs Judith WILLS, Victorian Address; 1 Oct 1995: 'My husband's gt grandparents arrived in Adelaide, SA in 1852 from Cape Breton This was the second ship of the Norman MC LEOD migration from Nova Scotia to NZ Alexander & Christia MC RAE were born in Scotland, bur married in cape Breton etc'
226 LANDIS, Peter, Queensland Address; Letter 6 Oct 1995: 'My father was an American serviceman, who came out to Australia in 1942 etc'
227 ROSS, John et al - Chronicle of Australia (Chronicle Australasia Pty Ptd, Ringwood, Vic, 1993Page 469 states that Jack JOHNSON, boxer from Texas, Tommy BURNS, Canadian boxer, and Jack LONDON, American author, were all in Sydney for a title fight on 26 Dec 1908Page 396 of the same book mentions Edward HANLAN, Canadian sculler at Dapto, NSW on 16 Aug 1884
228 BYERS, Mrs Robyn – New South Wales Address; Letter 16 Oct 1995: 'Mary Ann TODD came out to Australia in 1854 She states she was born in Brownsville, Tennessee, America Her death certificate shows Cinuainata(?), America I estimate she was born about 1839
229 KELLY, Monica, Mrs – New South Wales Address; Letter 16 Nov 95 in which she says: “My gt grandfather John HAWKINS, an American sea captain One of the records, sent to you some time back, has him working as a ships carpenter The earliest record of John & Elizabeth that I have found is the death certificate of their child Henry HAWKINS, died NSW 30 jul 1859 - copy enclosed”
230 EVANS, Angela, Victorian Address , On 12 Dec 95 this lady rang to advise her three times great grandfather Richard SCOTT, who died in Australia, was American The newspaper notice about his death states he was “son of the late General Winfield SCOTT of the USA”, known as Old Fussem Feathers”
231 O’NEIL, Sue, Western Australian Address; On 12 Dec 95 this lady rang with details of her ancestor William BASHFORD, born in New Jersey circa 1830 and was in NSW by 1860 She will mail me more details
232 HARTLEY, Ms Lesley, Letter, Tasmanian Address Her ancestor was James RAINEY, born Nova Scotia 7 Jun 1845, who was in Hobart, tas by 1872
233 HALL, Thomas W (II), USA Address Letter, 26 Jul 1992 a gt grandson of David HALL, born in NY 1817, and came to Aust in 1853
234 Notice in Rota-Gene 22, Fed/Mar 94 from Roy W Parker, New South Wales Address , says Jerimiah MITCHELL was born in USA 1838 and died Melbourne, Vic 1869 - see Americans In Australia file
235 Letter from David MILLER, New Zealand Address; June 1994, about his ancestor John Paul MILLER, born Sweden 1828, went to California Gold Rush 1849, then to Vic approx 1853, then Nelson, NZ 1857
236 Letter from Mrs E Dunn New South Wales Address; 31 July 94, relative of Thomas McGrath 'married Jan 1855 to Emma NOTT, St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, place of birth given as Massachussetts, USA, aged 26 He fathered five children and has present day descendants'
237 Phone Call to author from Ann (Mrs NJ Thompson), Queensland Address; 2 Aug 94, saying she was a grand-daughter of an American named James HENNESSEY, who came out to Australia when youg, a Civil war veteran He had about 12 children, and Ann was the daughter of the youngest who did not have children until his 50s She said her grandfather was born in New York or Boston, and bought a sugar cane farm in Mackay, Queensland, she would post me more information
238 Letter from Mrs Glenda Webb, Queensland Address, 28 Jul 94, enclosing information about her ancestor Isaac Ashfield CAIN, born Alabama, USA, who arrived in Aust about 1852
239 ADAMS, June & Warwick - Randwick General Cemetery - Transcripts of Monumental Inscriptions (Cape Banks Family History Society Inc, Maroubra, NSW, 1993)* - Page 323 lists a gravestone inscription as follows: 'PAINO FAMILY VAULT - Rosa PAINO, died 12 Jul 1989, born Baltimore, USA 17 Feb 1913'
240 Letter from Ian Waugh, Victorian Address; 27 Oct 1994; He wrote on behalf of a Canadaian cousin who is trying to trace 'her Uncle John McKenzie WAUGH beleived to have come to Australia after the end of World War 1 Know as jack, he was born 17 Apr 1892 in Golspie, Scotland Etc more info in Letter in my 'Americans in Australia' file
241 Victorian Pioneers Index, 1837-1888, CD-ROM 1st edn - births - has an entry for Richard Washington GARDNER, born 1854 at Creswisk, Victoria (an American gold field), son of Richard Lockwood GARDNER and Emily, nee HEWETT)ref 6566 It seems likely that the father at least was American
242 MOODY, Rev Ingram - notes supplied by Alexander Romanov-Hughes of Melbourne, 15 Dec 94
243 Jennie WOODS, Sydney, Dec 1994 told me 'Elizabeth MOORE, US singer came to Australia in the 19th century'
244 ELLIS, Mrs Louise, New South Wales Address, 13 Feb 95 'I am after the details of death of my ancestor James WALBOURNE of the First Fleet, born Jan 1767 Philadelphia, USA I can find no record of his birth He was in the 102nd and 73rd regiments and went to India to fight'
245 JACKMAN, Betty, Victorian Address; Letter 10 dec 95 enclosing photocopies of three “Americans” referred to in the Bendigo Advertiser newspaper as follows: Alexander TAYLOR (28 Mar 1907), Alfred ASHTON (29 Jan 1907), John DUGGAN (4 Dec 1890)
246 CLUNE, Frank - Captain Bully Hayes - Blackbirder and Bigamist (Angas & Robertson, Sydney, 1970)……biog of a colourful American sea captain who roamed the Pacific in the 1860s & 1870s
247 BELDEN, E, Mr - ACT Address ; Letter 5 Jan 1996: “My grandfather William John BELDEN appears to have been born in the period 1854-1857 in the USA The first record of him I can find is in an 1882-3 directory for the Goulburn district of NSW”
248 KENT, Mrs Valma, Victorian Address; Letter 5 Feb 96: “My gt grandfather William Francis ROBBINS was an American who came to Melbourne with his wife Ann, nee HUGHES, on the Scargo arriving here 22 Mar 1853 They sailed from NY 15 Dec 1852 They were at Chinaman’s Flat in 1857, Back Creek Amherst in 1860, Burnt Creek in 1861 and Eddington from 1864 until they died in the 1890s” On 19 Feb 1996, Mrs Kent sent further details of her line of descent
249 PUNSHON, Ms Marianne I, Victorian Address; Letter 13 Feb 96: “My gt gt grandfather Robert Lawson TRIPP arrived in Port Phillip in Aug on the Ocean Steed from New York However, I suspect from family anecdotes that he might have been in South Australia and Victoria in 1852” The Victorian Pioneers Index shows that Robert Lawson TRIPP was married in Victoria in 1862 to Mary Ann AUGHEY - ref 2397 The same index shows they had two children registered in Vic, namely Andrew Herbert, reg at Daylesford in 1875 - ref 1757…Arthur, reg same place 1868 - ref 2159…Charles reg same place 1868 - ref 2006; Emily Elizabeth reg same place 1872 - ref 22710; Ernest Edmund reg same place 1876 - ref 15500; Frederick Lawson reg same place 1865 - ref 8154; Henry reg same place 1871 - ref 15635; Isaac reg same place 1870 - ref 2002; John George reg Prahran 1879 - ref 25072; Robert Richard ref Daylesford 1866 - ref 14351s
250 NGROUILLE, DH, Tasmanian Address; Letter 18 March 1996: “Nathaniel HAMILTON is throught to have been an American whaler who may have settled at Port Underwood near Nelson on the south Island of New Zealand His son thomas was born there in 1836 No other details are known about him”see FILBY - Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1982-85
251 (NO AUTHOR) Immigration to Victoria: Index to Inward Passenger Lists, Foreign Ports, 1860-1869, VPRS 8669/P2 (Public Record Office, Arts Victoria, Melbourne, Vic, 8 microfiche, Oct 1994) [PROVC]…This source states the nationality of passengers and I just happened t notice one as follows: “CROSS, Eli, male, aged 29, USA, arrived June 1860 on LUCKNOW…ref F072, page 001”
252 WEBSTER, Ms Judy, Queensland Address; Letter, 21 Feb 1996, lists some Americans mentioned in the St Helena Prison records at the Queensland State Archives
253 Australia’s Heritage, pub c 1972 - page 258 refers to Samuel Rodman CHACE, an American captain of a boat visiting Tasmania in 1806
254 RAY, Ms Endree, Victorian Address, Letter, 8 May 1996: “My gt gt grandparents Anthony SMITH and Pamelia, nee PETTY (or PETTIT), were married in California in 1850 One of their children Emma SMITH was born in California Their third child, George Washington SMITH was born in Melbourne I have yet to establish the birthplace of another child, Matilda who was my great grandmother There is anecdotal evidence that Anthony & Pamelia were African Americans Their birth place is listed on certificates as Virginia Emma SMITH married Robert Henry LONGFIELD in Box Hill in 1884 According to his marriage certificate, Robert was born in Brooklyn, New York” In Nov 96, Ms ENDREE wrote again: “I have read a book by Ivan SOUTHALL about Box Hill which contains two references to Anthony SMITH It indicates he was assisted by the Quakers to escape from slavery in Virginia and make his way to Victoria His father was Jabe SMITH Anthony died in Ricmond in 1906, aged 86 and is buried in the Box Hill Cemetery”
255 HEATON, JH - The Bedside Book of Colonial Doings…”Henry BROWN For murder of his mate, executed Nov 21, 1876 The coloured man was formerly a slave in maryland, when he escaped to Canada He murdered his mate in a fit of passion while they were at work in a drive” Details supplied by Angela EVANS, Westmeadows, Vic 15 Apr 1996
256 LINDSAY, Mrs Jay, ACT Address ; Letter 7 Jun 1996; Her ancestor Joseph BOULAIS came from Canada to Australia some time before 10 Aug 1861
257 GIBBENS, Mrs Janet White, Victorian Address; Letterb21 Jul 96…gives details of 5 Americans in Australia: (1) David HALL, (2) Henry Thompson SOLOMON,alias Henry THOMPSON, (3) John SOLOMON, alias Jack THOMPSON, (4) Joseph Thompson SOLOMON, (5) Hiram SCLOCUM
258 ROBBIE, Muriel – ACT Address ; Letter, c1995 advising: “My grandfather Hugh MORROW was an American gold digger at the Hill End gold strike in NSW about 1850 He is shown on my mothers marriage lines as a farmer at Wellington, NSW My mother’s sister who died at my home aged 90, would have been born 1868 There would have been family older than her My mother was born 1877, the youngest She sometimes referred to LIMBERGs wife as related A history of Hill End and Tumborara showed the number of diggers registered according to nationality as having only one American” The marriage of Hugh MORROW and Julia Ellen MEMS in 1861 and 11 of their children are recorded in the NSW Pioneers Index on CD-ROM
259 CROMPTON, Barry J - Australia and the American Civil War (The American Civil War Round Table of Australia, Inc, Melbourne, Vic, May 1991)…this book lists 112 veterans of the Us Civil War buried in Australia
260 BROWN, Mrs Vicki, Queensland Address; Letter 9 Sep 96: “Edward DWIGHT was an American and was in Australia as a representative of the Vacuum Oil Co in Sydney He was educated at Eton, England He moved back to America after Aunty Janet died in 1919 and took his children” Research of the CDROM NSW Federation index shows that Edward DWIGHT was married at Redfern, Sydney in 1904 to Janet R DUDLEY - ref 7076 As Janet D died at Drummoyne in Sydney at a house called “Kentucky”, this is quite likely to be the state in the US where Edward was born or came from On 4 Oct 96 Mrs B sent more information saying that Janet DUDLEY was the grand-daughter of Alfred Ely DUDLEY of Co Tipperary, Ireland, who married Agnes HARGRAVES, sister of Edward Hammond HARGRAVES (1816-91) one of the discoverers of gold in Aust He was at the California gold rush in 189 and noticed the country was similar to Bathurst, NSWShe sent the marriage cert for Edward 1904 which shows he was born in New Orleans, USA, son of Max DWIGHT, deceased, solicitor and Clara WATTERMAN
261 BIFFIN, Betty R, New South Wales Address; Letter 17 Nov 1996 about her American ancestors Ellis and Nancy PIGGOTT, alias PICKRT, alias PICKUP No more details given…Vic Pioneers Index, deaths records the death of a child of this couple at Collingwood in 1859, aged I tear…Ellis PIGOTT, mother Nancy KIRK, father Ellis PIGOT -ref 3596; On 18 Apr 97 BB wrote again, advising “I have been able to pinpoint their arrival in Australia between 1853 and 1857 inclusive A baby was born at Collingwood, Vic in 1857 (death cert 1859 enclosed)
262 PEARCE, Heather, Queensland Address - note and three certificate copies for Caroline Levina Eva PETERS, nee MELVIN: (1) death cert Qld 1901 says Born New York, USA; (2) marriage cert ld 1888, says Caroline Levina MC GURK, widow, born NY, dau of Henry MILIEN or MILIEU”; (3) birth cert Qld (1877) of dau of Carline MELVAL, age 26 yrs, born NY”
263 WRIGHT, Pamela - On 9 May 1997, I was told by this lady at the Williamstown VIEW Club, Vic that :” my great grandfather Albert DE FOREST came from Mine, USA to Australia”
264 KEAREY, Paul, New South Wales Address; Letter 30 Apr 97: “relatives came to Australia approx 1838 from the USA, after having left Ireland”
265 SMITH, Mrs Leonie, Victorian Address; Letter, 18 Jun 1997
266 HOGG, John, Queensland Address ; Letter, 15 Jun 1997
267 HOGG, John, Queensland Address , Letter, 26 Jun 1997 and enclosed death cert (Victoria) for Edward Childs HERBERT, 1878and a Letter to his sister Alice MC CALL of Braybrook, Victoria, living 1915
268 KENYON, Mrs P, UK Address – Letter, 8 Jul 97 re William DARNBROUGH, alias EASTWOOD, professional gambler at Canadian gold rush, who might have come to the Australian gold rushes in the 1850s I found one H EASTWOOD in 1852-1859 arrivals in Vic lists He arrived on DEANE in Aug 1953 No arrival listing for DARNBROUGH or variants in the same index A DARNBOROUGH (sic) did die in Vic in 1870 and is in the Victorian Pioneers Index
269 KEENE, Truda J, Letter New South Wales Address, states: “My great grandfather Francis ARMSTRONG, son of John ARMSTRONG & Sarah WILSON, was born 1848 or 1849 Rhode Island, USA and migrated c1865 to Sydney He married Elizabeth HASSETT in 1870 – their issue Frank, Ernest, William H, Ralph, Louis, Septimus
270 LISTER, Ms Jeannie, New South Wales Address Oral history 12 Sep 1998: “Andrew LISTER, born 1826 Northumberland, UK; fought at Eureka Stockade – came to Victoria circa 1852 via California Diggings – a ship’s carpenter who jumped ship Also Edwin SANDFORD, born circa 1850 in Maine, USA He jumped ship and went to the Creswick diggings in 1870 His father Henry SANDFORD was a tea importer, originally from Kentishtown, London His uncle owned a fleet of whaling ships”
271 GARNER, Bruce, …On 19 Dec 98 he advised he was a descendant of Oscar Hugh LE GRANGE , born New York state, USA about 1826, died Woolston, Christchurch, NZ 25 Jan 1889…believed to have gone to Tasmania at one stage Bruce has given me a computer printout on this chap
272 HOGG, John, Queensland Address ; Letter; 25 May 1999: “Edward Childs HERBERT, died Victoria 12 Mar 1878, born as Ebinezer Childs BODFISH, 19 Sep 1823 at Barnstable, MA, USA” etc
273 CHAPMAN, Bob, Victorian Address ; Letter 16 Nov 1999; “My gt gt grandfather William Hueston CHAPMAN’s marriage cert (Melb 1857) names St John, New Brunswick, North America as his place of birth and his port of departure on the ship Georgia His parents were William CHAPMAN and Olive PASSMORE, who were both born in Hopewell Parish, Westmorland, New Brunswick”
274 MCRAE, Mrs Rose, Queensland Address; 19 Sep 2000; Letter: “Our great grandfather Robert James NEWMAN, born Springvale, Maine, USA, 19 Jan 1836, arrived in Sydney from New York in Aug 1854 We have his application for Naturalization and his certificate for 1909” On 22 Oct 2000, she wrote again: “Yes, Mrs GAMBLE is a cousin Her husband was related to Ann Maria PIKE, sister of our Matilda PIKE Annie became Mrs WAIN and later re-married when he husband died We have the death cert Of RJ NEWMAN, purchased in the 1940s The only birth entries for the children of RJN and Matilda PIKE were RJN Jnr 1866 and the last one born at Barringun 1887 I found a couple of deaths but no births for them”
275 WATSON, Edna, New South Wales Address; Letter 15 Jan 2001; email : “John QUIGGIN, my great grandfather, and his wife Harriet, nee VINCENT, both Canadians, were immigrants from Canada to Australia – he ran a goldmine – lived in Victoria prior to 1890 at which time two of their sons were living”
276 COLLINGS, Deborah, Victorian Address; Letter 22 Jan 2001: “I enclose the death cert Of Charles Albert EWINS, born Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA circa 1832; died Beechworth, 1863; Another of my ancestors, Franklin JACKES left Toronto, Canada aged 22 and sailed from New York on the clipper Torent 11 Nov 1852, arriving Port Phillip 17 Mar 1853 His brother James also came to Australia”
277 RAILSFORD, Ms Kerrie, ACT Address On 1 Apr 2001, advised: Jeremiah Handy BORDEN was born 9 Apr 1827 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA He followed the occupation sailor, but deserted ship in order to remain in Australia circ 1855 He first settled in the Parish of Smeaton, Victoria, where he married in 1858 His parents were Jeremiah BORDEN and Alice HANDY, married 11 Aug 1825 in New Bedford According to the death certificate of JHB, his father was a seafarer”
278 PHILLIPS, Heather; Victorian Address; email to the author; 9 Sep 2006 “My ancestor Alfred BROWN arrived in Australia on a Seamans Certificate and married in Melbourne in 1854 He was born in Dutchess County, New York State 1823 I would like to ensure he is recorded in your database and check some additional names that appeared in correspondence from America to Alfred from a friend who had visited Australia”
279 WYNDHAM, Mrs Noelle, New South Wales Address Letter 9 Nov 2001: “an ancestor was Roderick MC KENZIE, born at Westerville or Nesterville, Nova Scotia, Canada; died Hay, NSW 11 Mar 1895 She has death cert which states: age 59 years; occup Cab driver; buried Hay; father: Hector; informant Jane, wife of deceased; religion: Presbyterian; 33 years in colony of NSW, married Penrith, NSW to Jane NOLAN; children: Emily, Annie, Norman, Jessie, Lillie, 2 males deceased”
CRAWFORD, Denise McMahon, for e-mail address please
I have researched my great-grandfather, Hiram Crawford's life from birth to death Born in Massachusetts in 1832 arrived in Victoria in 1853, married a second time to American Martha Foster in USA in 1862 Died in Victoria in 1916   Formed Crawford & Co coaching lines from Beechworth into the northeast area and southern NSW from 1857 until closure in 1920
CRAWFORD, Denise McMahon, for e-mail address please Alfred Galen Crawford was born in Massachusetts 1847, served in the Civil War, came to Australia in Sept 1876, died in Melbourne 1900 I have researched the life of this man and can put people in touch with descendants Brother of Hiram Crawford
CRAWFORD, Denise McMahon, for e-mail address please
Nee Foster, Martha married Hiram Crawford in 1862 in Keene New Hampshire and came to Australia with Hiram on his return, arriving March 1863  My great-grandmother, born in Massachusetts in 1841, lived her life in Melbourne and northeast Victoria, dying in Melbourne in 1911
JENKS, Denise McMahon, for e-mail address please
Born in Massachusetts in 1830, arrived in Australia in 1888, died in Melbourne in 1894  Sister to Hiram and Alfred Crawford Her great-grandson lives in NSW
JENKS, Denise McMahon, for e-mail address please
Son of Almina Jenks, nephew of Hiram and Alfred Crawford, Henry first came to Australia in 1878 Born in New Hampshire in 1862, he lived in Melbourne for three years before returning to the USA He returned to Victoria in 1888 and spent the rest of his life here until his death in 1916 in Lismore NSW  His grandson lives in NSW
THOM, Mrs Rosslyn, for email address please
Charles Henry Baker, born in New York County about 1824, parents unknown, married Ann Cavanagh from Ireland, at San Francisco on 13 April 1853  By late 1856 they were living in West Maitland, NSW, Australia
Denise McMahon, for e-mail address please

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